Comprehensive ADHD Evaluation

Introduction: A comprehensive ADHD Evaluation includes collecting information from various sources, such as what you tell me in our meetings, ratings from questionnaires, your own observations in your own words, information from previous psychological assessments/reports, transcripts, etc. The information taken from these sources is then analyzed, interpreted, and summarized in a written report, which includes the findings and describes whether you meet the criteria for ADHD described in the current diagnostic manual. 

Transcripts and Reports: Please send me any evaluation reports you have from your early schooling and high school years. This can include transcripts and written evaluations or other teacher reports. If you have previous psychological or psychoeducational assessments, please send me these as well. 

Questionnaires: Please note that questionnaires are only a part of the evaluation. No conclusions are drawn solely on self-administered questionnaires. Some questions may be challenging to answer with the limited answering options. I recommend you do not spend too much time thinking about individual items if you are unsure. Please note that the questionnaires and the self-observation document (see below) are going to take some time to complete (it may feel a bit like “death by questionnaires…”).

  • Please download and complete all questionnaires in this DOWNLOAD FOLDER
  • You can complete these forms digitally or download-print-scan them. 
  • Once completed, please upload your files in this UPLOAD FOLDER. Please send me an email once you have uploaded all of your files. 

Self-Observation Document: I am interested in learning about what you have observed about your symptoms and their impact in your life. Therefore, please write down your answers to the following three questions in a simple text document (and upload the document in the UPLOAD FOLDER; see instructions below):

  1. What did you struggle with as a child that you think may have been ADHD-like behaviour or symptoms? And how did these impact your day-to-day functioning?
  2. What do you struggle with as an adult that you think may be ADHD-like behaviour or symptoms? And how do these impact your day-to-day functioning?
  3. What have other people (parents, friends, spouses, friends) told you or what can they tell you about their observations regarding ADHD-like behaviours?

Report and Feedback: Once I have all the information, I will write a Psychological Assessment Report. I charge for my time in analyzing and interpreting the information and writing up the results, which typically takes about 3 hours of my time (x my regular fee of $235). You will receive a copy of this report. I will also discuss the results with you in a follow-up meeting, where we can discuss your questions. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.