What is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy?

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy focuses on the roots of psychological suffering. Instead of simply addressing superficial behavioural symptoms, it helps individuals make more conscious choices and changes by bringing understanding and insight to the factors that lead to suffering in the first place.

What happens during psychodynamic psychotherapy?

During psychodynamic psychotherapy, the therapist will help patients understand and overcome their challenges. Often this process involves four core aspects (based on Shedler, 2010):

Comprehensive Introduction

If you are interested in a more comprehensive summary of psychodynamic psychotherapy, this article from the magazine Scientific American is highly recommended.

7 Principles of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (Video)

Learn more about the principles of psychodynamic psychotherapy from eminent clinician and scholar Dr. Jonathan Shedler. Please note that “psychoanalytic” and “psychodynamic” psychotherapy are essentially the same.

Effectiveness of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

If you are interested in learning more about the evidence, effectiveness, and research about psychodynamic psychotherapy, check out this article.


The following is a podcast interview with one of the most prominent researchers and clinicians in the field of psychodynamic psychotherapy, Dr. Shedler. Have a listen…

Episode 144: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy with Jonathan Shedler, Ph.D – Psychiatry & Psychotherapy Podcast

Claire Baker, David Puder, MD Dr. Jonathan Shedler and David Puder have no conflicts of interest to report for the audio that goes with this article. Introduction In this episode, Dr. Puder interviews Jonathan Shedler, Ph.D. Their conversation covers the ideal length of therapy treatment, the

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