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Find your Truth, Find your Way

Alethea (ἀλήθεια) is an ancient Greek word that translates both as truth and awakening.

Since the inception of the field of psychology, the process of finding one’s experiential truth has been an essential part of growth and development. Without understanding oneself or one’s experience, it is difficult to know how to move forward in life.

Our vision at Alethea Services is to offer research-based methods to embark on a journey of finding one’s truth, in order to find one’s way in the world.

What we offer

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Supervision and Consultation

Workshops and Online Learning

Who we are

Dr. Joachim Sehrbrock (he/him) is the director and owner of Alethea Services, which he founded in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, in an effort to provide easier access to mental health and wellness information.

Alethea Service’s mission, therefore, is to offer individuals methods to find their truth in order to find their way.

Alethea Services is an LGBTQ+ Friendly and Affirmative organization. Inclusivity and cultural competency are integral part of our mission and vision. All services and programming are designed with the unique needs of LGBTQ+ individuals in mind.



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