FREE Coping With COVID Course

Would you benefit from a little mental wellbeing boost?

There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has significant consequences, including for mental wellbeing. If you think that you could benefit from a bit of a mental wellbeing boost, this course is for you.

Because it is important to us that this information is easily accessible to anyone

The Course is FREE

Course Content

The course will introduce research-based information and strategies for how to enhance your mental wellness, strengthen your resilience, help you better cope with anxiety or low mood and other difficult emotional states of mind, and show you how to create healthy habits around screen time, substance use, and other health-related issues. 

Course Benefits

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Have a better understanding of the ways in which the pandemic can affect our mental wellness
  • Understand how to counteract some of the detrimental effects of the pandemic on your mental health.
  • Know how to apply research-based strategies to cope with stress, anxiety, and other challenging states of mind that are common reactions to the circumstances associated with the.
  • Be better equipped to make the best out of this and other crisis situation.

Course Instructors

Dr. Joachim Sehrbrock

Joachim has been working as a psychologist for almost two decades. He is an instructor at the University of British Columbia, teaches part-time at Douglas College, and is the executive director at Alethea Services.

Zach Finley

Zach is a clinical counsellor and has a background working in community mental health and substance use treatment. He has been working as a mental health clinician since 2006.