Learning to Better Cope with Emotions

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About Course

Emotions and feelings almost always play a key role in why people suffer psychologically and also why people feel content and have a sense of meaning in their lives. This module introduces information and strategies on ways in which emotions and feelings can become sources of anguish as well as how we can transform our relationship to emotions and feelings to being sources of meaning and information about ourselves and others.

This module includes information on:

  • Fundamental functions of emotions and feelings
  • Understanding the differences between emotions and feelings
  • State-of-the art research findings about how to better cope with challenging emotions
  • Strategies to better cope with emotions
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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the ways in which emotions and feelings contribute to or cause mental suffering
  • Learn four evidence-based strategies to better cope with emotions
  • Discover how to use emotions as sources of information about yourself and others

Course Content

Course Overview

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This mini-lesson provides an overview of definitions, distinctions, and research information about how to learn to better cope with feelings.

Coping Skills Video
This coping skills video provides a guided and experiential overview of four research-based strategies for learning to better cope with emotions.

Module Summary, Strategies, Resources, and Handout
On this page, you will find a summary of the information covered in this module, as well as a description of strategies, and a download of the module handout